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For Hayat, it starts with health.

Health in leadership is the basis for a successful working world.

With every implementation we do, we enable you to maintain your own health and practice well-being for your environment.

The vision is to promote growth for a rock-solid, healthy and sustainable working environment.

First you lead yourself healthy.

As a responsible person, you have to gain profound psychological knowledge to maintain your own health. Do you know how thoughts are connected to emotions? The future of the working world is agile. How flexible is your psyche as today’s leader? We enable you to be successful through healthy habits, with psychoeducation, mirroring and creating space for your self-reflection. We offer you our state-of-the-art knowledge and methodology in psychology. You learn to recognize your own needs and how self-care is elemental in leadership.

Then you lead your environment healthy.

As a healthy leader, you know how to lead yourself and by that also how to lead your environment. As a psychology educated leader, you know how to recognize needs, you understand why people act the way they do and how to implement healthy working structures. After our work together, you become more like a psychologist!

Together, we lead our society healthy.

With self-awareness, we use our effect as an individual on society mindfully. We have an impact on society, one way or another. Choose the healthy, empowering way, simply holistic.

challenge status quo
flexibilize yourself
develop your inner psychologist!
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In the pillars of basics in psychology, factor human in digitization and cultural psychology we have concrete offers on how to implement health in leadership. Leaders need a deeper understanding of these pillars. The days of incapacity for work and fluctuation in the business world have been increasing for years. With these pillars you increase attractiveness and healthy structures of your organization!


Together we develop your inner psychologist! Hayat’s experts help you to be successful through healthy habits, with psychoeducation, mirroring and creating space for your self-reflection. We offer you state-of-the-art knowledge and methodology in psychology.

The future leader becomes a bit like a psychologist: Leaders need to be flexible in their own psyche and enable their employees to do the same. In this way, innovation increases. We share our experiences and enable you to increase your wellbeing and psychological flexibility with our tailor-made offer for you and your organization. 

We have an On-Site and Online approach!


In a short (Ted talk style) speech you get inspired about psychology in a nutshell, scientific findings in understandable words. This is the quickest way to dive into psychology without working for hours. Quickly gain knowledge about the state of the art, get new impulses and be inspired!


In a few hours, you learn more about the newest psychology and yourself. Hayat offers psychoeducation to empower you and your team. Increase health and psychological flexibility on your own with the knowledge and experience from the workshop as well as the tools we give you.


A process of several months is started, where you dive in a reflection, learn and implement your findings in the coaching sessions. Double-qualified in psychology and systemic business coaching, Hayat makes sure you have the best professional aid and best knowledge about psychology.


„The memory of a cup of mocha is not something you forget for 40 years.“
In a short free meeting, we will get to know your needs and what we can do for your request. 

Whether online or on-site for a coffee, we look forward to hearing from you!


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