About Us

You can never see yourself, unless you have a mirror.    
Elmas Özcelik - Founder











The Company

Hayat’s mission is to bring the knowledge of psychology into business and to put it into practice.

Rooted in Hamburg, we work everywhere – on- and offline.

We collaborate on a fee basis with various psychologists to support you in the best possible way for your healthy success.

Since 2018, this young and dynamic company has been bringing the knowledge from the scientific world of psychology into the working world. 

Hayat uses agile leadership to bring psychology to business. The vision is to promote growth for a rock-solid, healthy and sustainable working environment.

Our Values

“Be courageous and visionary: things don’t have to be the way they have always been!” Elmas Özcelik

We ask philosophical questions and work systemically. Health, leadership and sustainable success are a holistic concept for us and every part at every level of your business is essential. Strive with us to achieve the best version of yourself and of your work!

High-quality standards: After many years of training in psychology and systemic coaching, our attitude of” lifelong learning” with further training ensures that both scientific knowledge and working methods remain fully up to date. With constant peer-consulting for coaching and business development for Hayat, the young company offers dynamic solutions for the working world.

Elmas Özcelik

Founder & Managing Director of Hayat
Psychologist, Systemic Business Coach

Elmas Özcelik is a M.Sc. psychologist with a focus on clinical and organizational psychology and systemic business coaching. She founded Hayat during her studies in Hamburg and continues to work independently with her company as a psychologist and coach for a healthy, successful and sustainable working world. In addition, as Vice-Chairwoman of the Board, Elmas is devoted to strengthening the visibility of women in the working world at Business and Professional Women e.V. (BPW). As a visionary, idea and concept developer, she promotes a more socially just access to coaching and works as a mentor in various contexts.

Elmas …zcelik

My personal why

My favorite skill: Transformation.

This competence was formed early on, because I was respectfully disrespectful enough to question things as they were and to strive for change with the power of implementation. Socialized in Germany with Turkish roots, I experienced different moral, social and community norms. These were hardly ever the same, so it was up to me to decide which route I wanted to follow.

Therefore, diversity for me is not only a state but a way of thinking. At home and in my neighborhood, the people lived a different culture and spoke a different language than at school and work. This required psychological flexibility on my part, which in turn made me resilient in times of change. During my studies of psychology and my training as a systemic business coach, I have been able to learn theoretical backgrounds and methods that complement my personal experiences and my own story.

In my life, self-determined undertakings have always been a theme. Therefore, being an entrepreneur (also in the economic sense) is no coincidence. With a love for smart ideas and solutions that serve an inclusive society, I contribute to transformation processes from a variety of perspectives. Sometimes, it is an impulse, a workshop or longer coaching. Early on, I took over my self-management, decided freely how I wanted to shape my life and later also took responsibility for others.

For me, leadership means the possibility to contribute to an awakening in the lives of other people.  As we spend most of our lives and our psyche at work, business is just the right place to take care of the psyche.

That’s why I started to bring psychology to business.

Hayat Team and Cooperations
Extract from cooperation-partners:

The Co-founder of Anima GmbH is Angelika Petrick Böni, organizational consultant and systemic business coach. She supports us with management coaching in companies. 

More about Anima here.

Professional Membership

The Business and Professional Woman e.V. is one of the largest networks for working women in the world.

Our Founder is active in BPW
Club Germany – Hamburg / Club Turkey – Istanbul. 

More about BPW Hamburg here.